Meeting President


On behalf of the EAFPS and the ABCPF, I am pleased to announce the 1st Preservation Rhinoplasty International Meeting in NICE (february 2nd – 4th, 2019).

Many significant innovations are now occurring in rhinoplasty, such as new anatomical concepts, new instrumentation and new techniques. The Preservation Rhinoplasty consists in remodeling the existing nasal anatomy, using very few tissue resection and very few grafts, thus leading to natural appearance of the nose, which most of the patients are seeking for.
Dorsum preservation and tip modifying sutures minimize the need for immediate mid-vault reconstruction and allow minor revisions rather than major rib-graft secondaries.
The aim of this meeting is to present the most recent advances presented by the world rhinoplasty masters who have already switched to this preservation technique, which gives greater predictability with less risk.
The organizers want this meeting being useful as well for beginners in rhinoplasty as for established rhinoplasty surgeons. Also, to optimize learning, will be offered:

– more than 20 Masterclasses on topics that matter to one’s practice.
– 4 live surgeries.
– a worldwide faculty.
– highlights on current controversies and expert “summing-up” review of their pros and cons.
– an open session for free papers allowing you to share your experience.

The organizing committee, the EAFPS Rhinoplasty and Surgical Anatomy Focus Groups, and the Academia Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica da Face (ABCPF), will be honored to welcome you in the unique site of the Hyatt Regency Palais de la Méditerranée.



Presidents of Honor

  • Rollin DANIEL
    Rollin DANIEL President of Honor
  • Eugene KERN
    Eugene KERN President of Honor
  • Fazil APAYDIN
    Fazil APAYDIN President of Honor
  • Washington ALMEIDA
    Washington ALMEIDA President of Honor

Scientific Committee

EAFPS Rhinoplasty and Surgical Anatomy Focus Groups
ABCPF Rhinoplasty Group


  • Richard ABS (France)
    Richard ABS (France) Faculty
  • Ali ALIYEV (Azerbaijan)
    Ali ALIYEV (Azerbaijan) Faculty
  • Washington ALMEIDA (Brazil)
    Washington ALMEIDA (Brazil) Faculty
  • Fazil APAYDIN (Turkey)
    Fazil APAYDIN (Turkey) Faculty
  • Oguzhan AYDOGDU (Turkey)
    Oguzhan AYDOGDU (Turkey) Faculty
  • Lydia BADIA(UK)
    Lydia BADIA
  • Thiago BITTENCOURT (Brazil)
    Thiago BITTENCOURT (Brazil) Faculty
  • Armando BOCCIERI (Italy)
    Armando BOCCIERI (Italy) Faculty
  • Cavid CABBARZADE (Azerbaijan)
    Cavid CABBARZADE (Azerbaijan) Faculty
  • Baris ÇAKIR (Turkey)
    Baris ÇAKIR (Turkey) Faculty
  • Guillaume CARLES (France)
    Guillaume CARLES (France) Faculty
  • Pablo CASAS (Spain)
    Pablo CASAS (Spain) Faculty
  • Joseph CHOUKROUN (France)
    Joseph CHOUKROUN (France) Faculty
  • Gustavo COELHO DOS ANJOS (Brazil)
    Gustavo COELHO DOS ANJOS (Brazil) Faculty
  • Rollin K DANIEL (USA)
    Rollin K DANIEL (USA) Faculty
  • Elen DE MASI (Brazil)
    Elen DE MASI (Brazil) Faculty
  • Luiz Carlos DE MELO BARBOZA Jr (Brazil)
    Luiz Carlos DE MELO BARBOZA Jr (Brazil) Faculty
  • Wilson DEWES (Brazil)
    Wilson DEWES (Brazil) Faculty
  • François DISANT (France)
    François DISANT (France) Faculty
  • Teoman DOGAN (Turkey)
    Teoman DOGAN (Turkey) Faculty
  • Alwyn D’SOUZA (UK)
    Alwyn D’SOUZA (UK) Faculty
  • Charles EAST (UK)
    Charles EAST
  • Mario FERRAZ (Brazil)
    Mario FERRAZ (Brazil) Faculty
  • Miguel Goncalves FERREIRA (Portugal)
    Miguel Goncalves FERREIRA (Portugal) Faculty
  • Javier GALINDO (Spain)
    Javier GALINDO (Spain) Faculty
  • Olivier GERBAULT (France)
    Olivier GERBAULT (France) Faculty
  • Pier Giorgio GIACOMINI (Italy)
    Pier Giorgio GIACOMINI (Italy) Faculty
  • Abdulkadir GÖKSEL (Turkey)
    Abdulkadir GÖKSEL (Turkey) Faculty
  • Raphael GOMES (Brazil)
    Raphael GOMES (Brazil) Faculty
  • Artur GRINFELD (Brazil)
    Artur GRINFELD (Brazil) Faculty
  • Werner HEPPT (Germany)
    Werner HEPPT (Germany) Faculty
  • Emre ILHAN (Turkey)
    Emre ILHAN (Turkey) Faculty
  • Luiz Carlos ISHIDA (Brazil)
    Luiz Carlos ISHIDA (Brazil) Faculty
  • Alexandre IVANOV (Russia)
    Alexandre IVANOV (Russia) Faculty
  • Roger JANKOWSKI (France)
    Roger JANKOWSKI (France) Faculty
  • Eugene KERN(USA)
    Eugene KERN
  • Aaron KOSINS (USA)
    Aaron KOSINS (USA) Faculty
  • Milos KOVACEVIC (Germany)
    Milos KOVACEVIC (Germany) Faculty
  • Michal KRAWCZYNSKI (Poland)
    Michal KRAWCZYNSKI (Poland) Faculty
  • Fausto LOPEZ ULLOA (Mexico)
    Fausto LOPEZ ULLOA (Mexico) Faculty
  • Lessandro MARTINS (Brazil)
    Lessandro MARTINS (Brazil) Faculty
  • Eduardo MORERA (Spain)
    Eduardo MORERA (Spain) Faculty
  • Jose Carlos NEVES (Portugal)
    Jose Carlos NEVES (Portugal) Faculty
  • Flavia DINIZ (Brazil)
    Flavia DINIZ (Brazil) Faculty
  • Francis MARCHAL (Switzerland)
    Francis MARCHAL (Switzerland) Faculty
  • Dirk Jan MENGER (Germany)
    Dirk Jan MENGER (Germany) Scientific Committee
  • Peter PALHAZI (Hungary)
    Peter PALHAZI (Hungary) Faculty
  • Pietro PALMA (Italy)
    Pietro PALMA (Italy) Faculty
  • Alexander PARASKAN (Russia)
    Alexander PARASKAN (Russia) Faculty
  • Tomas PATROCINO (Brazil)
    Tomas PATROCINO (Brazil) Faculty
  • Roberto POLSELLI (Italy)
    Roberto POLSELLI (Italy) Faculty
  • Sergey PROKUDIN (Russia)
    Sergey PROKUDIN (Russia) Faculty
  • Frank RIEDEL (Germany)
    Frank RIEDEL (Germany) Faculty
  • Yves SABAN (France)
    Yves SABAN (France) Faculty
  • Rubens SABOIA (Brazil)
    Rubens SABOIA (Brazil) Faculty
  • Hesham SALEH (UK)
    Hesham SALEH (UK) Faculty
  • Ramirez SANCHES (Brazil)
    Ramirez SANCHES (Brazil) Faculty
  • Alberto SCATTOLIN (Italy)
    Alberto SCATTOLIN (Italy) Faculty
  • Surreya SENELDIR (Turkey)
    Surreya SENELDIR (Turkey) Faculty
  • Antonio SOUSA VIERA (Portugal)
    Antonio SOUSA VIERA (Portugal) Faculty
  • Tevfik SÖZEN (Turkey)
    Tevfik SÖZEN (Turkey) Faculty
  • Bart STUBENITSKY (Netherlands)
    Bart STUBENITSKY (Netherlands) Faculty
  • Gustavo SUAREZ (Spain)
    Gustavo SUAREZ (Spain) Faculty
  • Suleyman TAS (Turkey)
    Suleyman TAS (Turkey) Faculty
  • Ignazio TASCA (Italy)
    Ignazio TASCA (Italy) Faculty
  • Eren TASTAN (Turkey)
    Eren TASTAN (Turkey) Faculty
  • Alain TENENBAUM (Switzerland)
    Alain TENENBAUM (Switzerland) Faculty
  • Cesar Leandro TERRA BRITO (Brazil)
    Cesar Leandro TERRA BRITO (Brazil) Faculty
  • Daniel à WENGEN (Switzerland)
    Daniel à WENGEN (Switzerland) Faculty
  • Vitaly ZHOLTIKOV (Russia)
    Vitaly ZHOLTIKOV (Russia) Faculty

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